Stark Federal Credit Union

Our goal is to help our local community grow by helping local businesses to expand.


We offer term loans, commercial real estate loans, lines of credit, SBA programs and the Ohio 166 Program.


Give us a call at 330.493.7602 or click here to get started.


About Us

Stark Business Loans is sponsored by Stark Federal Credit Union. Stark FCU is a full-service cooperative financial instituion serving Stark and Carroll Counties in Ohio. Local businesses are at the heart of our community, yet business owners tell us how difficult it is to get a loan right now. It seems many other financial institutions have lost faith in our communityís determination to recover from the recession. If our businesses canít expand, unemployment rates stay high and our local economy wonít grow. That was the motivation behind Stark FCUís new business loan programs. Call us at 330.493.7602 to get started.